BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN is a Best VPN company based out of Malaysia, originally founded to combat censorship and throttling by a major ISP. After a warm reception, we rapidly expanded into the global market and now provide security and anonymity to a large clientele.

BolehVPN Servers & Countries

BolehVPN servers are located in USA / UK / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Switzerland / Germany/ Sweden / France. Customers are free to switch between servers as they wish, with no extra charges. Dedicated dynamic IPs are available, as well as static shared IP servers. We do not impose any throttles or quotas on bandwidth, as we are one of the few P2P friendly services.

Purepose/Bypass Censorship

BolehVPN stand strongly against any form of censorship by government or ISP. Our servers are encrypted with 128 bit AES, and we maintain a selection of servers specially configured and reserved for bypassing heavy internet restrictions such as used in the Great Firewall of China, the Middle East and other locations.


BolehVPN does not maintain any logs beyond the usual system logs required to run our servers. We do not monitor any traffic of our customers nor will we willingly share customer details. We may from time to time turn on the logs temporarily if we are attempting to troubleshoot a performance issue or locate a user abusing our service such as DoS attacks or spamming.

Why use BolehVPN

BolehVPN one of the few VPN Provider who openly support p2p and do not impose any limits or throttles on bandwidth. As we are based in Malaysia, They do not fall under EU or USA jurisdiction. BolehVPN clients privacy has the highest priority and so they do not keep any logs and do our best to accept anonymous payments. In fact, you can sign up and use our service with no other identifying information provided other than an email address for account info and expiry notifications. BolehVPN service is constantly evolving and adapting to bypass the numerous restrictions and surveillance imposed by ISPs, as an example of this we have just rolled out a completely new bypass method specifically aimed at evading the Great Firewall of China (GFW). This bypass, otherwise known as our XCloak servers, uses a proprietary method of obfuscation built into BolehVPN VPN clients to evade the scanning and Deep Packet Inspection methods employed by the GFW.