EarthVPN Editor Review

EarthVPN is a brand of one of the internet service providers based in Northern Cyprus.

As a full service provider, EarthVPN offer a comprehensive range of voice, data, Internet and web hosting products to both residential and business customers. They operate our own fibre network in the five major cities across Northern Cyprus, delivering a range of business direct connect services including MPLS VPN, broadband DSL, as well as Wi-Fi and Hotspot Internet access services direct to residential customers.

EartVPN have decided to start global VPN services according to our business expansion plan and EarthVPN was born.

EarthVPN Servers & Countries

EarthVPN Provide 87 VPN Servers in 32 countries. All VPN servers support L2TP, SSTP, PPTP and OpenVPN(TCP and UDP Mode) protocols and SSH Tunnel/Socks Proxy with up to 1gbps speed.

Purepose/Bypass Censorship

If you use your laptop or mobile device at WiFi hotspots, hotels or other public networks your connection is potentially under risk by identity thieves and other hackers. Earth VPN service will encrypt all traffic between your device and his VPN servers therefore giving a very strong level of protection.

Many countries censor content and services that are accessible from within that country. Earth VPN service will enable you to bypass these restrictions by connecting to VPN server in another country.

Some companies on the internet limit access to their content to a specific geographical region. Earth VPN service allows you to connect to a server in the target country, therefore appearing to be within that geographical region, giving you full access to the content.


The majority of customers use a VPN service to protect their online privacy by limiting the amount of information that their ISP and other organisations are able to monitor. Privacy minded people believe that they have the right to control who has access to their personal data and Earth VPN service gives them that control.

In some countries, typically where freedom of speech is limited, it is very important to be able to protect your identity or risk being severely prosecuted. Earth VPN service allows you to communicate online anonymously protecting your identity from being exposed.

Why use EarthVPN

  • EarthVPN neither logs VPN usage nor user activity
  • Users enjoy unlimited network transfer speeds of up to 1Gbps
  • Users enjoy unlimited ingress and egress bandwidth
  • EarthVPN has offshore servers on all continents specially optimized for P2P and Torrent
  • EarthVPN works with nearly all internet service providers
  • Watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC from anywhere in the world
  • Up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • 24/7/365 email and ticket Support
  • ‚Äč7 Days Money Back guarantee