NordVPN Editor Review

NordVPN is a brand of Tefincom co S.A. The company is working under the jurisdiction of Panama. We offer high standard VPN services. Besides, They have other helpful privacy tools like:

Encrypted Chat – an absolutely anonymous chat. The messages delete itself after all chat members have left it. No logging. Only persons with a passphrase can join the chat;

Secret Notes – An encrypted message which can be sent to a lover, friend, business partner, etc. Your written text is encrypted and you receive a link to the message. Then just copy that link to the receiver. Once the note is opened it is destroyed.

Free Proxy List – one of the world’s largest free proxy data base. Lots of free proxies up to 3000.

NordVPN Servers & Countries

NordVPN have 15 servers at the moment in: Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Romania, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom. The last two countries have two servers each. All servers have 1 shared IP, except for Russia – 32 IPs and Germany – 16 IPs.

Purepose/Bypass Censorship

When using NordVPN you can bypass location restrictions. With the US IP you can watch Hulu, NetFlix. UK IP ables you to watch BBC Iplayer and many more websites (Zattoo, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) and VOIP (Skype). In addition we offer 6 servers which allow P2P (torrent download) – Russia, Romania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Sweden.

Use NordVPN for safe browsing on public WIFI’s, protect your data from unwanted parties, hide your online activity from ISP and government..


We work under the jurisdiction of Panama so we don’t need to keep logs and this is exactly what we are doing. Therefore, one of our payment methods is Bitcoins which is totally anonymous way of paying and it helps to secure your privacy. Encrypted chat, secret notes are the tools which serve as a privacy protection tool also. In addition, NordVPN offers strong encryption- for L2TP, AES-256bit and 2048bit SSL encryption for OpenVPN protocol.

Why use NordVPN

NordVPN is dedicated to it’s users. Everything we do is to maintain our users’ privacy and keep them satisfied. The creation of a custom software and custom affiliate program only confirms our ambitions to become one of the world’s best VPN provider and you will not miss out joining with us.