VPNNinja Editor Review

Founded in 2009 to fight The Man’s increasing control of the internet, VPNinja may or may not be run by REAL NINJAS. What we can confirm: VPNinjas are computer-using MAMMALS. VPNinjas watch blocked content ALL the time. The purpose of the VPNinja is to flip out and read the ENTIRE Internet.

VPNNinja Servers & Countries

VPNNinja Provide 29 VPN Servers in 5 countries, USA, UK, Japan, France and Canada

Purepose/Bypass Censorship

VPNinja un-blocks websites, email & other awesome web-based services.
There are nefarious overlords out there who want to control your internet, censoring what you read & what you watch – blocking sites as they please. VPNinja helps you avoid firewalls and surf the entire internet.

Why use VPNNinja

They are caring Ninjas
The core staff at VPNinja are, in fact, VPNinjas ourselves. We surf the whole internet ALL THE TIME. As a result, if you have problems, we make it our problem. And then we give the problem a round-house kick-to-the-face.