WaselPro Review

The company, iElement, was founded 2006 in Netherlands. WASEL Pro VPN service was launched in 2012. WASEL Pro VPN uses the most two reliable VPN protocols; OpenVPN and L2TP. All subscription packages give you two connections at the same time; one using OpenVPN app and the other using L2TP VPN setup. WaselPro less than 10$ per month, high discounts on longer subscription periods up to 25% discount on one year package

WaselPro Servers & Countries

WASEL Pro VPN use strong and high speed servers located in USA, UK, Sweden, France and Germany and new servers are added regularly according to customer needs. WASEL Pro VPN uses true and not virtual servers. WASEL Pro offers free trial for ten minutes daily to test the service before buying.

Purepose/Bypass Censorship

WASEL Pro VPN allows you to:

  • Bypass Proxy and firewalls, overcome Internet censorship, and unblock geo-restricted websites and services.
  • Protect Wi-Fi hotspot connection
  • Connect to UK VPN to watch BBC iPlayer.
  • Connect to USA VPN to watch Netflix/ Hulu
  • Unblock all VOIP apps and cloak your VOIP calls
  • ​Boost your Internet connection speed thanks to OpenVPN LZO compression.


WASEL Pro VPN protects your identity from hackers and data sniffers. It is the best VPN to hide your IP address totally. The website is verified by Geo Trust Inc. and all the information provided upon registration is protected and will not be given to any third party.

Why use WASEL Pro VPN

  • Best VPN service in the Middle East.
  • VPN for business and individuals.
  • A global network of express speed servers.
  • Unlimited VPN bandwidth.
  • Multi language interface
  • ​Best VPN for torrent downloads, streaming websites.
  • Best VPN to use in China (OpenVPN over SSH feature)